Nathan is AMAZING! Nicest guy, so creative and captured every moment of our wedding day to perfection. We recommend him HIGHLY!
— Kara & Phil
Ok so we just watched the video. Twice.
It is F***ING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You nailed it. We love it. Thankyou SO much - you are brilliant.
— Claire & Nick
Nathan is an absolute superstar. Not only was he heaps of fun to have around but he captured moments and the vibe of our wedding perfectly. We were blown away by how carefully and thoughtfully he put everything together!
— Steph & Daniel
MY GOD! I’m not sure there are words....we were both sitting in front of the tv balling out eyes out reminiscing of what a perfect day it was! You caught the feel and emotions of it perfectly and that song was just perfection! We are simply blown away!
— Jade & Brian
Thank you so much for our video!! We received it today and we’ve already watched it 5 times tonight! Mitch and I really can’t thank you enough for being there on the day and capturing it all so genuinely. There are some moments I don’t even remember noticing you being so close on the day which goes to show how comfortable we were to have you around. Also the music you picked as the backing has the perfect feel and tone that just sums up our day perfectly.
— Melissa & Mitch
Thank you so much for doing this so quickly! I’ve just watched the video and f’ing love it! You’ve done an amazing job of capturing the vibe of the wedding and I think the song you’ve chosen is perfect.
Really really happy with it and very glad we chose you to capture our special day.
— Gemma & Anders