The fine print

Please note for the purposes of this contract, Nathan refers to Nathan Kaso. Booking date not secure until retainer is paid.

The client:

We authorise Nathan to arrange the filming of our wedding in accordance with the details on page one of this contract.

The details and times listed form part of this agreement and we agree to make every effort to cooperate in order for Nathan to fulfil his contracted filming duty. We acknowledge Nathan cannot accept full responsibility for the ‘extent’ of the video coverage if these details are incorrect or if we choose not to follow the agreed schedule.

Nathan allows no other videos to be taken on ‘location’ time with the exception of the photographer. 'Location' time is the agreed part of the day between the ceremony and the reception where portraits of the bridal party and the couple may be taken in locations scouted by Nathan prior.

In the event of a cancellation of the wedding we agree to advise Nathan in writing and understand the deposit/booking fee may be forfeited.

We give permission to Nathan to use any image/footage of our wedding for general promotional advertising (including website and associated pages, general wedding promotion, magazine advertising and industry competition) for Nathan. The usage for any other purpose is to be renegotiated between the parties and requires specific permission.

I understand that images taken may be posted online in viewing galleries on Nathan's website and associated pages. 

Until the full balance as outlined on page two is paid by us, Nathan retains full copyright in all video/digital files.  On payment of the full balance, Nathan transfers to us a limited copyright in the video/digital files, on the following conditions:

  • The fully edited videos provided by Nathan to us may be used by us for our personal use, including for the purposes of their reproduction and provision to our friends and relatives for purely non-commercial use; and
  • We must obtain Nathan's written permission for any non-personal use of the fully edited videos, including their publication or sale for profit.
  • Nathan will keep the videos/digital files on file for a period of 2 years.

Nathan requires a meal at the reception (main or equivalent if cocktail reception). We understand that Nathan may leave the wedding for up to a maximum of an hour for a dinner break if no meal is available.

If for any unforeseeable reason Nathan is then not available, Nathan will provide the details of another videographer with equivalent skills.

If another videographer cannot be provided and is still requested, Nathan's liability is limited to the refund of any money paid.

Nathan shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond Nathan's control include faulty material, equipment failure, loss of videos in transit, loss or damage to files, industrial disputes, civil disturbances, or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent Nathan in completion of whole or part of this assignment. In this case, Nathan shall not be liable for its complete performance or assignment, and in the event of no videos being deliverable, Nathan's liability is limited to the refund of any money paid.

Nathan will conduct himself professionally at the event, and the responsibility for appropriate guest behaviour rests on the client. In the event that Nathan is subjected to any threatening, hostile, or offensive behaviour from any other person in attendance at the wedding, be it verbal, physical, or sexual, Nathan will alert the client, and the onus is on the client to ensure the behaviour does not repeat. If the behaviour does repeat, Nathan reserves the right to cease coverage of the wedding and leave. In this instance, the client agrees to not hold Nathan responsible for incomplete coverage.

Audio of the ceremony and speeches will be captured through an external audio recorder connected to the venue’s PA system, and via a microphone on the stationary camera.

Nathan will provide a 3-5 minute edit of your wedding, uncut ceremony and speeches in accordance with his own style. Nathan endeavours to deliver the master edit within 4-6 weeks from the date of the wedding. Nathan reserves the right to choose at his discretion, the weddings that most fit the Nathan Kaso Weddings brand for promotional purposes and does not guarantee that every wedding will be featured on the website or associated pages.